Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I am contemplating a name change to the blog.

How about "The life and times of an Omega Mummy"

A bit of a pun on the Alpha Mummy, of which I am certainly not one. I even got tutted at today for not emptying Clara's potty as soon as she had raised her bum. Never mind the fact I had to get her into the pool again, sort Phoebe out because she was mid meltdown and sort out the lessons for next term. Before anyone declare yick it was a travel Potette so there was no liquid in the bottom thanks to the absorbent pad so not totally minging! In all the kerfuffle it just slipped my mind until one of the mums complained. Oh yes, I am as far from a Yummy Mummy as it is possible to get.

I have accepted that I will never be an Alpha Mummy. I am too fat, I don't wear make up, I don't wear bling and I drive a Renault Megane Scenic, the girls wear Matalan, Primark, Asda and Tesco more than anything else. But I am generally a down to earth kinda girl who just wants the best for her kids so who cares (well me a little bit... but not much...mostly I object to the girls wardrobe not being nicer!). But it doesn't stop hurting when the Alphas turn their backs on me. Hey ho... their loss isn't it?!


l'optimiste said...

yes it jolly well is!! I think you should call the blog 'I cock a snook at you, you bling wearing, thoughtless baggages...'. But then, I'm biased ;o)

hugs babe - you are fab quite the way you are, so it is definitely their loss!!

Clare said...

It's absolutely their loss! Ignore them, you're doing a fab job!

From another omega mummy (am liking this name!!)

Daisy78 said...

I am so not a yummy mummy either - far from it. I'm your cape Town visitor ----> in case you were intrigued. We are on our holibobs, well me & the girls are hubby is working.