Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Finally, 3 weeks before the end of term I have some details about the school Phoebe will be attending! She will be in Orange Class, they have a headmaster finally (who I will be researching shortly) and we are meeting her teacher on Friday as she is coming for a home visit. Do you think I can make the house habitable in time?!

The cancelled school meeting, which I did complain about, has been firmly re arranged for next Thursday so we will hopefully get the final details then. I have plans to go out with Phoebe after the meeting to go and buy her uniform as a special just girls treat.

I feel that a little of the weight of worry that I have been carrying has been lifted finally. Maybe things will be okay after all?!

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Daisy78 said...

Great news,sounds like they've pulled their fingers out. Hope the home visit goes well.