Monday, 12 July 2010

A positive school update for a change.

Last Friday we had a visit from Phoebe's new teacher and teaching assistant. They were very lovely and Phoebe was so excited she immediately went into show off mode. She drew a picture of herself and wrote her name on it, roly poly'd across the floor, did a 35 piece puzzle as well as introduced Clara and her Granny to her teacher.

I found out about the uniform and, thankfully, it is not the dreaded yellow polo and green jogging bottoms. Instead it is a Purple Sweatshirt and grey skirt. We were bored on Saturday so decided to head out to the big Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer to get the basic bits for her. We had to buy her size 7 skirts (she is 4.5) to get a decent length on them, thank heavens for adjustable waists! We just need to buy the sweatshirts and logo'd items from school on Thursday when we go to the meeting. And a PE kit too (but we aren't sure what that entails just yet) and shoes but that wasn't quite so pressing and I didn't want to buy shoes until just before the start of term anyway for fear of the dreaded growth spurt!

The only other thing I need to think about it is a backpack for her. We bought her a Bento Box style lunch box in Sainsburys. I was thinking of attempting a Totoro Backpack, that is her current favourite movie! I have a pattern for a basic backpack I am sure I can alter into a Totoro style. Maybe I could even make the white bit of his stomach an extra pocket or something! Should keep me out of mischief over the summer at least I suppose.

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