Wednesday, 14 July 2010

So, Phoebe what back pack would you like for school?

Ooooooh, a Totoro one!

Gah! Ask a silly question etc etc.

We adore the Studio Ghibli movies, especially My Neighbour Totoro. It was bought for Clara by her fabulous Oddparents Jane and Mike and has been watched regularly ever since. So it shouldn't have really surprised me that Phoebe would hanker after some of the merchandise really! However, being a crafty so and so I thought I could have a wee bash. So I got a plain backpack pattern, modified it (well I will...) and have bought enough grey and white fleece to sink a battleship. Phoebe picked some googly eyes and we chose a Totoro nose together (successfully confusing the woman behind the counter in the haberdashers). So now I just have to make this:

into something that looks like this:

Wish me luck, I am REALLY going to need it!

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