Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fabulous Farnborough!

My sister has worked on and at Farnborough for it's last two shows. She works for De Boer who do all the structures. Yesterday was friends and family day in the De Boer hospitality chalet and she invited us! When we got there (narrowly missing the hellish M3 traffic by deciding on the spur of the moment to go an alternative route!) we were very relieved to have had the foresight to take the newly acquired bike trailer that doubles up as a pushchair. It was quite a walk from the carpark to the showground so we were very pleased that we didn't have two moaning minnies and instead they enjoyed their ride!

I lost count through the day of people saying "Oooooh what a good idea!". Anyway we got to the chalet where Liz was and she had some presents for the girls, a Red Arrows tee shirt, a blowup plane and some ear defenders each. They really did need them as it got VERY loud.

Paul was in total Boy Heaven... especially for him! The girls were happy and delighted to see Aunty Wizzy and it was good to have a catch up with Liz too. We had a fabulous day and saw some amazing things! We saw that Airbus plane (the huge one) moving around the skies so gracefully it was almost surreal, planes playing chicken in the air, even one flying upside down!

We went for a little walk around at one point and the girls were fascinated by all the planes they had on the ground. I was very impressed that the bouncy castles and funfair rides were all free!

Then we headed back to the chalet to see the red arrows (pictured above) and the girls were delighted with their "sky dancing" even more excited when the smoke accidentally spelled out a P and a C. A few years older and we would probably have told them that Aunty Wizzy did it on purpose just for them! We stayed quite late so the main throng of people had left and indulged in the excellent hospitality on offer. By the time it came to leave I was really quite squiffy and we were worried about the carpark closing so Paul ran on ahead with the girls in the trailer whilst I weaved my own way. He came and picked me up once he had the car!

There is a hangover in the house today, although it isn't mine and it isn't alcohol related. Poor Phoebe has what I can only describe as a Sugar Hangover on account of the amount of it she ate yesterday! I am sure she will be fighting fit soon but currently she is curled up asleep on the sofa!

Thank you for a fabulous day Liz, we loved every minute of it xx

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Kerry said...

Hi, i can't think if i have commented on here before but I have read for quite a while. The planes look fab and my boys would have loved them. Looks like P and C both had a great day.