Sunday, 18 July 2010

Weekend fun!

On Saturday we drove over to see our lovely friends Doug and Piper to attend a celebrate their birthdays and engagement. Unfortunately there was an accident on the M25 rendering it a parking strip for a considerable amount of time, what was meant to be a 1hr drive took almost 3! Still we got there and had a lovely BBQ lunch with our friends. The girls terrorised their cat and chickens and paid back the neighbours kids by shrieking a lot! They were so well behaved in the car whilst we were stuck that frankly they could have gotten up to much worse and we wouldn't have minded too much. Thank heavens for the sainted invention of the in car DVD player, it has been an absolute Godsend since it arrived from Grannie for Christmas. Now we just need to work on them using the headphones to listen to the movie so we can listen to our tunes in the front!

Today we decided it was Bike over haul day. After having gone to the meeting at Phoebe's primary school we realised there was no sensible way of me taking the girls there every day. It is too far to walk (and there is only so much moaning I can put up with) or scoot for the girls. I don't want Phoebe riding on roads and I don't approve of bikes on pavements even for her. So the only option left for us is a trailer attached to my bike. Erk. Today I purchased one on Ebay and it should arrive in the next few days. Meanwhile my bike has been living in the shed for the last 5 years so it was in need of some TLC. 2 new tyres and inner tubes, a brief go over with a brush and some oil and it is a happy bike! I have so far done once around the block on it... I must get a new saddle, ow! Because Paul's bike was 20 yrs old we decided he needed a new one so we bough a bargainatious one from Halfords and he rode it home. So now we are all set to take the girls out on bike rides at the weekend. I have 6 weeks to get up to a level of fitness so I can pull them in the trailer to school everyday and we live in a fairly hilly area. This is going to be fun! I am excessively proud of myself though as I have now learned how to change an innertube and a tyre on a bike, I have never done this before and now I have done 4 (Phoebe's bike needed new innertubes too). Woo, go me!

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l'optimiste said...

excellent! I expect some photos of the first school day! :)