Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A labour of love.

This is Phoebe's last week at Preschool. She has been there for 2 years and has loved every single minute of her time there. It is a wonderfully hap-hazard caring place, totally organised chaos and brilliant fun! In the time she has been there she has learnt to talk, she has potty trained, she has been in 4 of their concerts, learnt to write her name, learnt to count and so many more things!

She has had amazing support from all the workers there and so I wanted to give a little something back, something that I know Phoebe would have enjoyed playing with and summed her up. So I have made 6 bright red superhero capes and I appliquéd the school's initials on the back as an added touch.

I learnt a valuable lesson today about appliquéing. Short cuts don't work... I bought bonding tape instead of iron on bonding. All this did was gum up the needle and cause problems so I had to do a mad dash to Sainsburys to get wonderweb. Still, it is all done now and I am going to give them to school tomorrow! I hope they like them!

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