Friday, 23 July 2010

3 miles.

My bike trailer arrived today (finally... Interlink have landed them selves on my hit list for distinct idiocy). I put it all together, in retrospect the living room wasn't the place to do it. Especially when it didn't fit out the door without removing 2 wheel covers and 1 wheel lol! Anyway I got it hitched to the bike and off we went for a test drive. I decided to attempt the school run so that is a 3 mile round trip the way I thought I was going to do it.

Ok I had to push three times up particularly heavy hills and I had to have a sit down (it was sit down or throw up) but I did it! I haven't cycled since we moved away from Cheltenham 6 years ago so it was a fairly impressive feat! Wow my backside hurts now... I am going to have to admit defeat and get the lardy arse saddle for my bike aren't I!

On the upside the girls loved it and thought it was a fab adventure! I am looking forward to getting out and about more with them. Hopefully it will aid weightloss too so that is a plus point!

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