Thursday, 17 March 2011

Weight Watchers is playing with my mind...!

I have been following the plan to the best of my ability for a week and a half now. Not doing too badly, although I haven't weighed in since last Friday. I have noticed a few things that just don't make sense to me... for example:

1, There is only a point value for Basmati rice before it is cooked. Not good for weighing out portions onto my plate when I am cooking for both Paul and me. Also I cook rice by volume and not by weight so am jiggered there too!

2, Egg - Poached without oil. Ok fine, but how in the heckers do you poach one with oil? Surely that would be considered frying?!

I am sure I will come across more as I keep going but these two are busting my brain at the moment!


Bryony said...

It gets easier! There is a poached egg (without fat) option. Agree with you that various things are mind boggling!

l'optimiste said...

poached egg with oil?? er - what??

stop cooking for Paul?? ;)

December said...

It does get easier, honestly but it does take time. At times it does seem like the release of it was brought forwards as some of the online materials and books aren't as accurate as they could be.

Alison said...

Poached egg without oil. Crack egg into boiling water with a little vinegar in it. Some say you should swirl the water with a wooden spoon first to keep it more in one lump. Remove with a slotted spoon. That's how my grandma taught me. My mum used to do it by cracking the egg into a little glass pot and microwaving it. Easier but I liked grandma's way better