Friday, 4 March 2011

I should not be allowed into Supermarkets unaccompanied.

Well, when I say unaccompanied. I mean I should take a proper grown up with me, not a child (dear GODS not a child... that is the way to madness I tell thee!). I dropped the girls off at school (hurrah!) and headed over to Sainsburys with the simple plan of buying enough Ginger Ale to last me for a while as they don't sell it in Little Tescos (tsk tsk). So I was very good, got my trolley headed over to the ginger ale and picked up enough (12 bottles... well they are small!). Then I had a little wander, herein lies my undoing. The following fell into my trolley:

1 packet of pancakes
1 bottle of lemon juice to go with the above
1 Hello Kitty Notebook (for Phoebe)
2 Jamaican Ginger loaves (BOGOF... it would be rude not to)
1 box of cheap crunchy nut cornflakes.
A starter kit for growing Sunflowers


I am considering it my reward for managing to a, walk to the Little Tesco with the girls yesterday b, buying only what we needed and c, not murdering the smallest child who insisted on going out wearing her Cinderella Dress and pushing her pushchair with a fairy puppet in.

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