Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Buy a fancy dress costume?! BUY?! NEVER!

The girls have been invited to a friends Star Wars party. Fancy dress is optional (ha ha ha!) but of course I had to rise to the challenge. I can't help myself, it is like an inner need to rise to the challenge so no sooner than I had heard of the party and it's theme I was on google looking for characters for the girls to go as. They had right of veto so alas R2D2 and C3PO bit the dust (something about how they couldn't be robots because they couldn't do metal poos and wees...) and they poo pooed the idea of going as Ewoks once I showed them what they were.

Clara then applied hands to hips and declared her want, nay NEED, to go as a Princess so she is going as Leia with the obigatory chelsea buns on side of head and Phoebe can be her Mum (I will not be telling them this gem of information as it is bound to be misused) and go as Padme. Phoebe as Padme is rather apt as I am fairly sure the Birthday Boy will be going as Darth Vader and they were apparently b'friend and g'friend at Preschool. In fact I believe they were planning on marriage at one point so it seems fitting all in all.

Anyway back to the costumes. Clara's will be a long white dress with a polo shirt underneath it, a silver belt and I will make her chelsea buns from a hairband and, probably, some brown wool. Phoebe's has been a little more complicated, she is going as the fighter version of Padme rather than dressing her up in some strange over the top dress and face paint (I have neglected to tell Phoebe this is an option also...). So I have bought some white leggings and a white polo top from ebay and will go at them with a Silver Sharpie to make them more in line with what she wore. I have emailed Granny to see if she has a cream pashmina or similar we could use for her cloak and I have even bought her a pair of beige boots to complete the ensemble. The only thing left is a holster and her blaster... which is causing my head to hurt as I don't like the idea of her playing with guns or weapons at only 5 years old. I suspect I will have to cobble something together out of a loo roll or something.

Why can't I just go into a costume shop and BUY what we need?! Because that would be a lot easier but a lot less fun and a lot less of a challenge for me! I will do some pics when they are all done up in their costumes!

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