Friday, 18 March 2011

I am not sulking. Nope not me.

1lb off. 1 poxy lb. Grump.

Ok it is downwards which is A Good Thing. And yes that makes 5lbs off meaning I only have another 65 to loose but still. Only 1 bloody lb when I have been positively ANGELIC this week. Especially considering this week included a trip to an All You Can Eat Chinese Restaurant and normally I take a Homer Simpson-esque approach to these places.

Still onwards and downwards. I will not be a whale in the summer is my current mantra. Not least because it would be very bloody odd to find a beached whale in the Alps...

1 comment:

l'optimiste said...

go and look at a 1 pound bag of sugar. Then imagine it as a part of your butt that you lost...ONE POUND is a lot!! get're doing well :)