Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Phoebe Vs Medicine.

Phoebe came down with a temperature on Saturday (not enough that she was going to miss out on her friend's party mind... man do I feel bad about that now!) and by the evening was ridiculously hot and it was only just being controlled by meds. Because I am a fairly relaxed mother and she had no other worrying symptons we just went with it and kept her medicated as much as we could. We had one attack of digestive pyrotechnics but I am fairly convinced that was because we had given her ibuprofen on an empty stomach.

Fast Forward to yesterday she started complaining about her ear hurting so I figured it was time to go to the docs. She has tonsillitis poor kid! Doc prescribed penicillin syrup which we duely got and tried to administer. Epic epic FAIL. She got hysterical despite us trying the following:

Putting it in Orange Juice
Bribery (4 mini eggs for every dose)

So after I was wearing most of the second dose of syrup I called the doctor and asked for a new script for tablets. And a script for me too as I had a penny drop moment and realised what my sore throat was! Alas no script for me but I am seeing a GP tomorrow for depression related things so I can get some anti-b's for myself then. Took it over to the pharmacy and filled it only to be met with a pharmacist doing his best "concerned" face and did I know that these were tablets for a 5 yr old!

So home I came with tablets (1/2 a tablet 4 x a day) and chocolate spread and attempted to administer. Bugger me if the little sod couldn't taste the tablets through the ruddy spread! Still easier to get down her than the syrup I suppose! I think I will buy some smarties and start getting her to practice swallowing tablets as she is evidentally not going to permit syrups. Bloody pest! Still not bad getting to 5 yrs old before really needing oral Anti-b's either...!

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