Sunday, 13 March 2011

In other news...

Since I last weighed in on WW I have lost 4lbs.

Now given that was in January I would ask you to remember that since then I have survived half term (just) and suffered a rotten cold (that I am only just over 2 weeks later). So given that I have been comfort eating to make myself feel better in my "meh" state I am quite pleased with that. At least it is downwards eh?!

This weekend hasn't been too bad with regards to the diet. I haven't eaten with Paul and the girls much as they like to have lardy things at the weekend. Yesterday I had a delicious meatball pasta concoction that I made for 11 points. I will be able to take that down lower once I find low fat cheese that works. here is the recipe:

1 packet of beef meatballs from Sainsbugs (hey, I am lazy!) so roughly 350g of meat formed into 12 balls.
1 onion
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
A healthy squidge of tomato puree
1/2 a glass of red wine
300g penne
80g grated cheese (I used cheddar as it was the only cheese we had in!)

Firstly I cooked the penne until just under al dente and put the oven on to about 200

whilst the pasta was cooking I started the sauce. Adding a little water to the frying pan I chopped the tomato and cooked it off a little, then I added the tomatos, tomato puree and red wine and bought that up to a simmer. Then I dropped the meatballs in and popped a lid on.

When the meatballs have been cooking for about 10 mins I mixed the sauce and pasta together, put it in an oven proof dish and then sprinkled the cheese over the top. I cooked that in the oven until it was bubbly and brown and then dished up. Serves 4

I love meatballs because they are portion controlled! I had 3 which is exactly 1/4 and that was plenty for me. Paul even has two take to work meals out of it! As I say I make that about 11 points a serving which is reasonable for dinner and it can, of course, be accompanied by a huge salad (but I didn't have any in!)


December said...

Fab weight loss! Sounds like you're getting there :)

l'optimiste said...

what?? no garlic???

4 pounds is a lot - get out the pound of sugar bag and see how massive that is! well done you