Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A glimpse into Clara's imagination!

A few people have commented that this advert reminds them of my girls:

Well people, Clara uttered the immortal line of "I don't like boys!" yesterday, in response to another video I was watching. Apparently she only likes girls... hmm.

That said she does have a passion for the Disney Princesses and that now includes Rapunzel after I bought them the book. She likes to pretend to read said book to anyone who will sit still for longer than 3 seconds. She doesn't do a bad job of telling the story either. She surpassed herself yesterday though, although before I tell that story it is important to realise that Clara's preferred state of being is naked. Preferably all but definitely partial. Usually this manifests after a bathroom visit... she often comes down naked from the waist down. I would like to think this is merely a 3 yr forgetful state but when she pounces into the living room and screeches "Look Mummy my BOTTOM!" and wiggles it at me, well...

Anyway, yesterday she came down semi naked so I told her to go and put her skirt and knickers back on. Which to her credit she did. Only her skirt was now on her head:

It took a little while but eventually we established that she was Rapunzel and she was trying to let her hair down over the side of the sofa! She was quite happily playing in her own little world for ages. Then when I retired to the kitchen to clear up a little I next saw her waltzing past me (and yes, I mean waltzing!) wearing nothing but her top, knickers, a big pair of tinkerbell wings, a pair of cinderella play shoes, a hand bag and her sisters bright orange swimming hat. I didn't ask what she was doing then and she had stripped it by the time I could find a camera.... dagnamit!

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december said...

waah she certainly has a fabulous imagination by the sounds of it.