Wednesday, 23 March 2011

[rings bell] Unclean... Unclean....

Uff. Saw the doc, begged her for anti-biotics for my throat. She wasn't keen until I reminded her that being ill with children is like a fate worse than death. In fact, in that scenario I think I would consider death a favourable option in most cases! She also upped my ADs so now I rattle, still I would rather rattle and be sane than the other way around. That said Tonsillitis is very good for diets as a, my appetite has buggered off and b, I can't eat anything but ice lollies which are only 1pt per lolly! Result!

The title of this post reminds me of University, in the first year of halls. My friend, Cath, didn't believe me when I told her this is what lepers used to do when they walked down the street and we had a good few giggles about it. Isn't it odd what things remind you of days past? The song "Breakfast at Tiffinys" always takes me back to hazy recollections of hanging out in the Student Bar (hazy for obvious reasons... cheap beer!). There is one of Phoebe's reading books that reminds me of our first Halloween at Uni where my friends thought it would be funny to tip a tub of flour (that was out for playing games) over my head... a strangely nice sensation actually! And of all our male friends dressing up as girls... with fishnets... and very short nighties on. Actually I also remember it took age to get my nightie back from one of them...!

[sigh] Happy days!

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december said...

Urgh, I remember when I had tonsillitus, it was horrid! I hope that you're feeling better soon