Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Worries about Phoebe.

I love my big girl so much, she is so like me. But for this reason I worry about her all the time. She is very sensitive to criticism and getting things wrong and is a total perfectionist and she strops when she can't do something the first time she tries it. She likes things to go to plan and worries and stresses if they don't.

What worries me most is that she is quite a slow burner where friends are concerned. Last year all the old friends she has came to her birthday party but none of the school friends we invited came. Ok so it was snowy but when people made it from Chelmsford and Worthing it makes it a bit rich that people who live locally didn't bother coming. I worry that she is a slow burner on that one like me, but once she has a friend she loves them dearly (also very like me) and stays loyal. It makes me so sad at swimming when she tries to be friends with one of the girls who doesn't, for whatever reason, want to be friends with her. She just wants to be liked for who she is!

I predict that once she cracks reading she will devour stories and books just as I did. She already LOVES listening to stories when we are in the car (Harry Potter is her current favourite!) and so we are planning on buying her a ipod touch for her birthday so we can load a whole load of stories on for her. I hope she doesn't become as much of a loner as I have though and I REALLY hope that her schooling doesn't go the same way mine did. Granted she is unlikely to suffer a bereavement at 10 which will affect her badly but also I hope she doesn't suffer under any bullies like I did for so long. They destroyed my confidence and it is only now, almost 20 yrs later, I am starting to get it back.

Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever done. I just hope I am doing enough to protect them and their wonderful innocent spirits for the cruelty in the world.


cartside said...

I have quite similar worries about my older girl, she too is a slow burner for friends. Then I tell myself that that's not a bad thing actually, better to choose and pick wisely. We can't protect them from the world entirely, the best we can do is make them resilient. Don't ask me how, but I keep telling me that they will be hurt and my job is not to protect them from that but to try and make them strong to be able to cope.

Marianne said...

Having met you all of twice, I don't think you're a slow burner. I'm glad to have met you, you're great fun and I'm really enjoying your blog.

Don't know when I'll see you again (maybe when we entice Doug and Piper to Croydon/South London for a day), but I look forward to it.

As for your daughter, I didn't have the easiest time growing up but I always knew my parents loved me. Home was my haven and that made school so much easier to deal with. She'll be OK - promise!