Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Karma can be an utter bitch!

So, there I was sniggering at my friend KT's blog about her son Mr Jamie and his nipple kissing (can be seen here). Merrily thinking how nice it was to have my boobs to myself again now the girls were a bit older!

Ha. What a fool. It was just asking to happen wasn't it?

So there Clara and I are in Ikea on the hunt for the Lesser Spotter White Kritter Table and Chairs (today spotted and duly purchased... huzzah!). We got a trolley as she likes a ride and is still just about small enough to still fit in the seat so I put her in. Wandering along merrily I feel a little hand stroking the neckline of my dress, then suddenly I am yanked towards her at a billionty miles an hour and I have a small child's face between my breasts.

If that wasn't bad enough... she started flubberlubbing* them. In public. I swear I saw people going past with their eyes either on stilts or a bloody smirk.

That'll teach me for sniggering at others misfortune won't it.

Pesky childerbeast!

*this is not a technical term and I couldn't find one but she was rubbing her face between my boobs and making this sound.


KT said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Let's never ever get the two of them in a room together, m'kay?!

december said...

lol ah, karma strikes again