Sunday, 6 March 2011

I don't have children! I have fish!

As a treat we decided to take the girls swimming today. They each have a lesson in the week and have been swimming regularly since they were around 3 months old! Any way we got there and they were both bouncing to get in the water and swim and once they did they barely hit the surface to breathe.

Paul hasn't seen them swim since, well, I don't remember but it has been a  while so he was amazed to see Clara propelling herself towards him under the water, Phoebe backstroking passed him with ease and then flipping over to swim on her front. Then we let them do a bit of jumping in and they put the older children to shame with their ability! Clara was in water that must have been 3 x her height in depth and didn't bat an eyelid and kept jumping in, swimming to me and then pushing off to go and swim back to the side to jump again!

A really good improvement was that they both thought the wave machine was ace, this is a breakthrough for Clara as last time we were in Greece she took umbridge (in the way onlyt she can) with the sea and refused to go in at all. Hopefully this year she will be in like a shot and enjoy herself in the water the way Phoebe does.

When it was time to get out (after an hour!) we had to bribe them with a snack and a drink. Phoebe wanted to know if we could do that then go back in the water! I think come the summer they are going to be more in the water than out in Greece! I can't wait :D

Oh and when we got home Phoebe wrote in her book about it:

her writing is getting there slowly and it is getting better!


Jo said...

What a clever big girl you have with the writing and how fabulously they are doing with their swimming! That's amazing!!! Jo x

december said...

Aww what fabulous progress with the writing and swimming!