Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Half Term will be the death of me!

We are half way through and I am exhausted already!

Monday we had friends over and a house of 4 adults, 7 children. Impressively the only casualty was easily fixable if unfathomable. The two tiny two year olds (and I mean tiny... they are both titches!) managed to take Phoebe's wardrobe door off! I am grateful it didn't thwack anyone on the way down but it was absolutely priceless, their guilty faces, Phoebe's overly dramatic tears and the culprits older siblings grassing them up!

Yesterday was swimming day and we popped into town before swimming and bought a couple of Wii games and had a wander to kill some time. Then we popped back home to get P's swimming stuff and I had the bright idea of asking next door's workmen to quote for making the front garden pretty. I have tried shingle and cats used it as a great big litter tray (ick!), we tried turfing it but it turns out I am not very good at turfing and it was a bugger to maintain. So now it was time to pave it. They called me back later that night with a quote and I accepted so...

Today we have been in all day as the workmen have been doing our front garden! Well ok we didn't have to stay in all day but I am a nosey parker / control freak and like to watch them work! It looks a billionty times better!

But as a result we are all very very BORED now. I am going to text my friend later to see if she fancies a playdate tomorrow as Phoebe and Clara are very keen on seeing her children. If that doesn't happen I might have to attempt [gulp] soft play or the Cinema as staying at home will end in the murder of two small shouty children. Not Good.

2 more days... well 3 really as Paul has his first 20 mile run on Saturday so will be fit for nothing afterwards I should think! Especially as he is running it at the same time as he will be running the marathon so he can figure out when and what to eat prior to running.

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