Thursday, 6 May 2010

Migraines a go go.

Urgh, I loathe these things! I vividly remember my first ever migraine.

I must have been around 11, I was out in Town for the day with a friend and my temples were just about to explode. I got home and could barely move off the sofa and the thought of dinner (salmon) made me throw up with the pain of it all. Painkillers barely touched it and the only relief I got was when I was able to fall asleep. I don't think I had ever experience such pain before and it was quite a shock to the old system!

I have had them off and on ever since. Although recently I have had more of them in a cluster than I have had in a long time. We figured out it was my memory foam sound asleep pillow that was if not causing certainly wasn't helping matters. My neck has been at an odd angle which has caused the pain, today I think the direct sunlight on my way home from voting didn't help also (I get very light sensitive when I get headaches). So as of today the pillow has been handed over to Paul to use and I will buy myself the non memory foam version.  I am gutted as the pillow was my birthday present and I LOVE listening to audio books through it when I am dropping off to sleep.

The children were fantastic when I had my first migraine but now the novelty has worn off and they have reverted to vile again. 2nd one I had I just about survived until Paul got home, 3rd time I was proper poorly with it and Becky came to the rescue and whisked the girls away, this time Paul was able to come home and let me go to bed to sleep. I also now have a stash of pain killers in the house (not that they work spectacularly well) that Paul will keep his mitts off! I will also talk to the doctor about getting some immigraine in to head them off at the pass a little more.

Aside from the brain pain fun and games today has been pretty good. I managed a trip into town with Clara to do the who voting thing. We even had a little wander around and I got some chores done (including a trip into I mean Primark!). This is quite a big thing for someone who has only just started leaving the house on her own again! My 2nd solo trip into town in about a year I think.


JaneV said...

Poor you. You can buy imigran recovery from the chemist without a prescription. It has made such a difference to me. x

l'optimiste said...

well done on the trip babe. PriMarni is the pits even IF you like shopping..enough to give a potato a migraine.

A friend of mine in Portugal suffers horribly with migraine - she tried alternative therapy and I believe it worked. I shall ask her what she did and tell you. Please remind me - you know I have no brains...hence no migraines ;o)

Bowski said...

When I was younger and had Migraines (I still do now) I always threw up, went to sleep, then needed to eat boiled eggs and soldiers, no matter what time it was, even at midnight.

I've found that liquid ibuprofen taken as soon as I feel one coming helps. Have you spoken to your Doc about preventative medication?

L x