Sunday, 9 May 2010

Caution: Man at work!

This weekend we have mostly been rearranging and sorting out the house. We decided we needed to do something in Clara's room as a jumping off point as she had a single bed, a set of shelves and a chest of drawers and it looked cramped in there. So we originally set off with the idea of looking for a cabin bed or similar for her so we could put her chest of drawers under it and open up a lot of space that way. Alas all the beds we saw were either too expensive or wouldn't fit in the space we needed it to. Instead we found a little white wardrobe in Ikea that was just big enough to fit with her current bed, £100 under budget too... woo! We also bought the kitchen I spoke about yesterday and it looks massively better and the girls haven't stopped playing with it so I would say result there too!

Today we had to go back for drawers to go in the wardrobe so we could get shot of Clara's chest of drawers entirely. Whilst there we came up with the idea of a small table in her room to put her dolls house on. Then we found a teeny TV table that would look good downstairs and we could move the dolls house back into general play area again. Double result! Only downside is that the door wasn't in stock. However the above picture was taken whilst Paul was rearranging all the gubbins we have connected to the TV (DVD player and sound system, Mac Mini and 2 drives, a Wii and the sky box!) The TV is hung on the wall so this tidies up that corner of the room nicely. Paul is tired from all the building he has done this weekend but was as happy as larry amidst all the technology connected to the TV. He keeps telling me we need this and that to make it his perfect set up, personally I am ok so long as I have movies and TV working through the telly, I am not too fussed by surround sound or anything else!

This week I just need to pop in and get the door for the TV cabinet and we are done for the time being. Next purchase for the living room will be to exchange our large drawer toy box for a multi door bureau type thing to try and encourage the girls to organise their toys a little better. Wait, was that a flying pig?!

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