Monday, 3 May 2010

Funday! Well sorta...

Today we have celebrated the May Bank Holiday in true British bank holiday style. Our local hospital's radio station held a funday in the park with a huge car boot sale and funfair. It would have been fabulous had it not hailed sporadically through the day!

Actually Paul gave me a wonderful lie in until 11am which was much needed and I woke feeling dizzy from too much sleep! Phoebe was feeling a little below par, complaining of a stomach ache and in fact very uncharacteristically took herself to bed for a morning nap! Anyway everyone was up so just before lunch we headed off to the park. The funfair looked pretty good, it was small but there were a few good rides for the girls and a few stalls selling tat that they loved.

We decided to head to the carboot bit first. We gave the girls £3 each to spend on anything they wanted. Phoebe said she wanted a toy car and Clara said she wanted a fire engine or a digger. Both of them were incredibly fussy though and couldn't find anything they wanted so they decided to save their money for 'weeties. There was a lot of whining about going on rides so we stopped by a stall where the girls won a lovely tasteful dolphin and charming pink teddy bear. Then we went and got some lunch, Phoebe said she wasn't hungry and, true to her word ate nothing. Clara ate half a hot dog and some chips but wasn't entirely impressed!

Then we headed back to the funfair and the girls went on a few rides. Clara was not impressed with the swinging boat ride but loved anything where she went round and round and round and giggled like a loon. Phoebe despite looking as white as a sheet insisted she was fine to go on any ride she wanted to (given that she had an empty stomach I worry as she had nothing to bring up!). Then after we had exhausted the rides suitable for the girls we went and bought the much coveted sweeties. I was quite impressed that both girls produced their coins with no fuss what so ever! They bought a bag of candy floss each and thankfully ate very little of it and were happy to have it metered out to them through out the day!

When we got home we decided we were so chilled from the random hailstorms all day that we would christen our fireplace. We have lived here for 6 years and only recently got it renovated. We originally thought it would have to be replaced but thankfully we were mistaken and it was good to go following a few pennies being spent on it. Paul loaded it up with kindling, firelighters and smokeless fuel and off it went. It has been burning away merrily ever since and our living room has never been so toasty!

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