Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Potty Training Mark 2.

We tried and failed earlier this year. However with Miss Clara increasingly asking me to go and do a wee and being 99% dry when not wearing a nappy (this includes being asked to come out of the bath for a wee!) I think it is time to bite the bullet again. Better yet Paul gets to do day one on Saturday as I am in London with Mum... mwa ha ha ha! I think I am going to have to hide all nappies from her (and knickers and trousers) and tell her that we have run out (we will refer to night nappies as "sleepy knickers" to break the nappy vibe) and she needs to tell Daddy when she needs a wee or a poo (and make sure Daddy is on the ball with asking her every half hour or so). My plan of action is this:

Days one and two: no pants (thankfully she won't wear trousers at the moment)
Days three and four: pants and dresses and a lot of pulling down knickers practice.

Hopefully after that we can go to normal but cart the porta-potty around with us until she will use the toilet regularly (she is too little to be able to get onto the loo herself for a while yet!).

I don't really want to go down the reward route for potty use because I don't think it is reward-worthy. A good cheer and a well done should do it.

I better get some more wine in for us though!

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