Monday, 17 May 2010

The fat bird runneth....

First day out for the Couch to 5k app I downloaded. I have identified 1 problem thus far, I don't know where I can run without looking like an utter div (currently doing round my block ad infinitum). Although I do like listening to a story more than music so that seemed to help.

Today's program was:

Walk for 5 mins as warm up. Run 1 minute, walk 1 min 30 secs x 8.

I managed half of this before conceeding defeat and coming home. Not too bad for a first time out but not totally thrilled with myself either. I found being out AND running very self conscious making (even with The BFG playing) which didn't help I have to say. Still I went and I did half of it so in a cup-half-full sort of way that is half more than I have before.

Next trip out on Wednesday... uff.


Daisy78 said...

I've wanted to take up running for ages and you've just inspired me. I will be downloading said app later. You've done great today and just think Wednesday you will know what to expect so will be able to go further x

Helen (taffie) said...

Well done - you've done the hardest part, which is actually starting. The easiest part is putting is off another day!
I've just started up running again after a long hiatus, and this morning did quite a satisfying 1.5 mile slow & steady jog on the treadmill. My tips are, crank up the music - I find it easier if I can't hear myself wheezing! I also found hiding under a cap and sunglasses helped the confidence, though I used run early in the morning when no-one was about! And be prepared to tailor the plan you are following - sometimes your body will not play along, and other times you will feel on top of the world!
Good luck

(and I can't believe I haven't read your blog before, it's great!)

Muddling Along Mummy said...

I started this a couple of weeks ago and its going ok - I'm lucky that I have some fields I can go and run around so don't have to see many people... or have many people see me

JaneV said...

well done you! I can remember running round Charlton Kings feeling an absolute idiot but it did get easier and eventually I even enjoyed it. Keep on running! And I recommend Meatloaf to run to. xx