Saturday, 8 May 2010

Christmas take 2...

Ok the girls were very lucky and got loads of ELC vouchers for Christmas so I bought them the Sizzlin' kitchen.... what a waste of money. I don't know if it is just ours but the build quality is atrocious and bits fall off it far too regularly and it has never fitted together properly (in my opinion!). So we have decided to sell it on ebay and fund a new play kitchen, the one from Ikea. It is silent and we can't walk passed it in Ikea without loosing Clara to it for a good while. It also sits flush to the wall which will be much better for where it lives. It also has storage... oh a wonderful thing so all the play food and various other bits can live in the cupboards instead of lying next to it and using up yet more precious floor space.

Paul is going out after bath time to purchase the new kitchen and also a wardrobe for Clara's room. We have measured and it should fit with mm to spare. She needs a wardrobe as she has so many dresses and clothes that need to be hung up. We also need to make her bedroom more spacious feeling so that when we eventually come to sell it doesn't seem such a box room!

I cannot wait until I have a house where I don't have to think "will that help it sell better in the long run...". We aren't planning on moving for another couple of years but it is still there in the back of our minds no matter what decisions we make.

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