Tuesday, 18 May 2010


My girls have been friends with my friends Jane and Mike's children since before Phoebe was born! I first met Jane when Rowan was 6 months old. Clara has known Jane since she was born... quite literally as Jane was there! It was a while before we met again but the children have always got on brilliantly. My favourite ever photograph of Phoebe and Rowan was taken 2 and a quarter years ago:

They were playing happily together on the piano! 2 and a quarter years later and not a whole lot changes, except now mostly Rowan and Clara play together and Phoebe and Lexi play next to each other, usually on computers! But at some point in the proceedings the piano always comes into play (thankfully it is one you can turn down!).

It was lovely at the weekend watching them all play on the climbing frame nicely together. I love watching my children when they aren't aware they are being watched and imagining what games they are playing (I suspect super heroes the other day as there was a lot of rescuing going on). The girls are very lucky they have a large circle of friends who they just adore, every day I am asked about when we can go and see them next! But I think Rowan and Lexi will always have a special place in the girls hearts because they are their oldest friends!

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