Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mean mean wifey!

Having suffered the walrus like snoring of my darling husband for one night to many , last night I did something naughty.

I am in the habit of bringing my iPhone to bed (nothing to do with handing it over to Phoebe in the morning to catch 20 mins more shut eye of course [ahem]!). So I grabbed it and recorded his night time baritone solos and emailed him the file. The git kept me in suspense as to his reaction until I called him at lunch unable to contain my mirth. Thankfully he took it in good humour and found it very funny.

I have to sat lying next to him right now whilst I am listening to another snore concert it is less amusing! Ah well, can't live without him, can't thwack him with a baseball bat either!

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JaneV said...

Oh I am so tempted!!