Monday, 24 May 2010

Hello... this looks familiar.

Oh yes it's Wits End.


They won't leave me alone for more than 30 seconds. They are both exhausted after a late night last night and the new TV system Paul designed is stop starting so I can't access all the movies. Clara is now dressed as a princess but still climbing all over me and Phoebe won't stop moaning. She is hungry, thirsty, tired, bored etc etc but won't actually TELL me what she wants. I am hot and bothered and I want to clean the house because it MINGS.

I actually had a nice morning because they were both in school until 12.30. I went to a carpet shop and looked for stairs carpets (ours is beyond cleaning), bought hay and rabbit food (and a cooler for their water bottle). Then the hoards descended again and chaos reigned supreme, they won't even go outside because it is "too hot" apparently. Oh and I can't crack out the sprinkler because I (or Paul) left the swimming bag with all the girls things at a friends house and now I have to hope it arrives in the post pre swimming tomorrow! I can't give Paul too much grief as he will have a go back because I misplaced the car keys last night (they were on the outside table but I had totally forgotten they were there!). Gah.

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