Saturday, 3 October 2009

Home Sweet Home...

I loved our two weeks away with Dad and Jane but oh it is good to be home! We got in an hour earlier which was even better and the girls were delighted to see everything and the cat was pleased to see us too. Unfortunately it appears she had been sick whilst we were away so the laundry pile was rather larger than we anticipated! Still everything else is fabby and it is lovely to be in our own home again.

I heaved a sigh of joy when I climbed into my own bed last night and have been enjoying all the little bits about being home that you take for granted. Little things like being able to find everything you want to without having to look (too hard!), not having to worry about the girls shouting or being pesky with animals (well we do but they know better!), flushing the loo roll! In fact the only downsides to being home so far is breaking Phoebe of the loo roll in the bin habit we had to do in Greece. This has totally bemused her bless her but she will get back to normal soon, better warn preschool about that though...

I have taken all my pictures to Snappy Snaps for printing and have a sketch pad ready for making a simple scrapbook up tomorrow evening so that should keep me out of trouble for an evening.

Mum and Rob are coming for lunch tomorrow too, can't wait to catch up with them :D

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