Monday, 5 October 2009

The time has come, The Walrus said, to look for schools for Bibi

My baby will be starting Reception as of September 2010... Yeep! This morning I have been busying myself with calling the 2 non denominational schools in our area. I have a visiting date for one of them on the 30th November and I have to call back at the end of October for the other one. This doesn't sound too bad until you consider that the closing date for applications is 4th December!

We are in an awkward position as, being pagan, a Christian school wouldn't be appropriate for the girls. However there are only two non denominational schools in our catchment area and both were over subscribed last year so I have a feeling I am going to worry about this from now until the 25th March 2010 when we can find out where Phoebe will be going.

It is quite scary considering Phoebe at school. I worry that she will struggle there or won't make friends or won't keep up with the work. I know Phoebe so well, she is a 0-100% kind of girl and I don't know if that will work as well for her in school as it does at the moment. I also worry a lot about the friend thing, I have always struggled with that myself and was badly bullied in Secondary school (but it sort of started in primary too) and I really really can't say how much I worry that the same fate waits for my girls. I really hope not and I hope I will be able to help them as much as possible.

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

I was bullied at primary school and can totally emphasise with what you say - finding the right place for Toddlergirl worries me a lot and she's only 18 months

Fingers and toes crossed for you that it all works out (and that the worry between now and then is as little as it can be under the circumstances)