Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So Proud Of My Big Girl!

Phoebe is very much a 0 - 100 % kind of girl. She stores all the information she learns until she suddenly just gets it. It was like this with crawling, walking, swimming & her speech! Anyway, today I got to preschool and Mybecky (as named by Phoebe) called me over to see her, normally as it is a Clara day this isn't a good thing (glue eating, wall decorating, other child decorating...) however I was presented with the above! My girl wrote her name :D. She actually did it twice but the better version went in her folder, she is sooo proud of herself! She also drew a fab picture of her family, all with smiley faces.

Clara isn't doing too badly either, she can already draw a C and is working on the rest. Not to mention she spelled her sisters name in the pool yesterday whilst we were trying to swim! Oh and she hasn't tried to kill herself in a while which is always a welcome change! I am still trying to teach her to shout Banzaaaaaaaaaaai before she does anything silly but what is silly to us (like jumping off things, balancing on things etc) isn't silly to a 2yr old with no fear I think!

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l'optimiste said...

that's so cute!! I love it!