Friday, 23 October 2009

Productive Morning!

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This morning as both girls were at preschool I got down to work and made Mum's birthday gift (would show pics but she reads this blog!) and I finished Phoebe's Samhain outfit. She is delighted and better yet I was spared having to make the ears as Mybecky came to the rescue and dug some out of her girls' dressing up box! It was simple enough to do, I got a black polo neck jumper from Tesco, trimmed the arms and sewed a thumb hole in, then I used a blanket I had to cut out a white tummy. The tag is just cardboard covered in tinfoil (I may also add a bell). For the tail I took a pair of leggins we had about the house that are too small for Phoebe and had a hole in so I cut one leg off (leaving the waist band intact) and sewed the other up (smaller than a whole leg) and stuffed it (I am now being informed that it needs some white on the end too but she can whistle for that as it means handsewing and is a PITA). I have promised she can have violet nails on Samhain for the party and I will do her nose and whiskers with my eyeliner!

Now I have to do Clara's Mouse outfit but I need to send Paul on a mission to go and find a cheap grey hooded jumper dress (or just jumper) and some baby pink leggings, any ideas?. We also need some black plimsolls for Phoebe.


l'optimiste said...

that's the cutest! Can't wait to see the 'on the day' pics.

A bell is a MUST HAVE! :o)

Clare said...

Have you tried Rainbowbabies for the leggings? They have them in loads of colours.

Fab outfit!