Monday, 26 October 2009

Samhain's a comin... the pumpkins getting carved!

We had a visit from Grannie today, I braved the outside world and met her in our local wagamamas with the girls. In a bid to stop Phoebe having the screaming abdabs I allowed her to take Glenda Rabbit in the toy Pushchair... never again, may I take this opportunity to publicly apologise for any ankle damage done today by Miss Phoebe. We all stuffed our faces on delicious noodles and chicken and rice and duck gyoza and edamame and then we decided to pop over the road to Waitrose to get some Pumpkins for carving. They picked their own, Phoebe picked a little one and Clara picked the biggest one she could see. Clara then insisted on walking home so we buckled the pumpkins in the to the pushchair for safe keeping and scored a few odd looks!

Grannie always brings a little something for the girls, usually magazines. And today was no different so when we got it in the got stuck into sticking whilst I got everything ready to gut, scrape and carve the pumpkins. One of the little toys in with the magazine was a cute caterpillar so I couldn't resist setting up this shot with Phoebe:

Hee hee! The fun you can have with children!  Anyway we (by which I mean Grannie and I) hollowed out the pumpkins (I now have a tonne of delicious pumpkin flesh to use... I will be abusing google looking for recipes later!) and I carved them with the faces the girls chose. I love carving pumpkins, it is really satisfying! Here is the finished result:

Not bad at all I thought! We surprised Daddy with them when he got home and he was suitably impressed with my efforts. I may even find it in my heart to forgive him for eating the stash of Iced Gems he got from a child's party yesterday without offering me a single one (and then to add insult to injury offering me the last one that was without the iced bit.... bah!).


l'optimiste said...

oo - I LOVE wagamama!! delish. great pumpkins! I almost [but not quite] want to carve my own! what WOULD I do with all that flesh? Bleeagh! I suppose I could always lob it at the yobs we have running up and down our road this evening?

You are having a frenziedly creative week - great stuff! :o) And good work on getting to wagamama in the first place.

l'optimiste said...

PS: NOOO - don't forgive him yet!! ;o)

Vix said...

Well I am making this

although I have A LOT of pumpkin left to use, I may make some Dairy Free stuff for the party on Saturday.