Friday, 9 October 2009

So, I appear to be having a midlife crisis.

I am only 31, how did I manage it this early?!

My hair is now 50% red and 50% chocolate brown (red underneath...) and looks farking cool. My nails are violet (they match my lovely purple crocs!). Clothes wise is still the same old same old top, jeans and flowy cardigan (fantastic item that my lovely step mummy bought) but I am finding the need to look up lovely long flowy black ankle length skirts and purple Doc Martens. I have also discovered that my black eye liner and mascara fall out of my make up bag and apply themselves to my eyes... I haven't worn make up for Non Events in eons!

Paul is, naturally, jealous that I am having my crisis now. He wants his however I have informed him that as my MLC stretches to hair dye and a few minor new clothes and his will undoubtedly involve a motorbike of some description he can wait until we can afford it, harsh yet fair I think.

Phoebe is desperate to join in, she saw the hair dye and said with true awe in her voice:

"Mummy, you gonna have RED hair?!"

I replied in the positive and then the little madam asked:

"Can I have red hair too?!"

I had to fib a bit and say that we weren't allowed to let little girls dye their hair until they were much bigger but once that day came I would help her do it what ever colour she wanted! She seemed pleased with this arrangement and gave up. I will stand by my word and help her to do it, well I wouldn't want a repeat of what happened on one of my first attempts.

Picture the scene, there I was at some teen year, I forget which one, dyeing my hair in the little bathroom of my Mum and Sdads house when a globule splashes from my hair onto the carpet... whooops! However did my naive little mind worry about it on the carpet? Of course not, as it was of course fading dye in 6-8 weeks so that would happen with the carpet too no doubt. Erm, suffice it to say no it wouldn't and I was busted long before I could confirm this little theory. In my defence it was a very little bathroom.... and therefore a tiny carpet... and I was young... and innocent...and a bit dim.

Anyway, here is La Mop:

I am rather pleased, I might go for more red and less brown next time :D


Yia Yia said...

have you seen perfect for your mlc xx

Yia Yia said...

that should be nomadsclothing

l'optimiste said...

way cool hair dude!!and actually, you should colour the girls hair to match - then you'd REALLY be having a MLC...;o)

Redbedhead said...

Looks very cool. I remember my Dad having his MLC at 38 and growing his hair into a ponytail and getting a motorbike. Makes me chuckle until I realise he was only 4 years older than I am at the moment......