Sunday, 4 October 2009

Perfectionist? Moi?!

Mum and Rob are coming over for Sunday lunch today, I don't normally do a big lunch on Sundays as it is a lot of work and, frankly, I am lazy. There is also a bone of contention between me and roast potatoes... I can't do them without excessive amounts of goose fat and that makes them too fat laden for me to eat then and I don't really like them either. Anyway I am doing one today and because I am a perfectionist when it comes to meals I make for others I can't use packets. I would if it was just the four of us but not for guests...

So today's menu is:

Roast Chicken
Gratin Dauphinoise (if ANYONE tells me double cream is worse for me than goose fat then they are going to get lynched!)
Sage, Onion and Lemon Stuffing
Bread Sauce
Roast Parsnips
Roast Carrots
Broad Beans

It took some hard hunting through the cookbooks last night to find a stuffing recipe, Gary Rhodes Keeping It Simple wins the prize. I was surprised that there was only one stuffing recipe in [cough]94[/cough] cook books... obviously I don't have enough (Paul remains unconvinced of this!). Stuffing and Bread Sauce was done last night, just needs cooking / warming through. The gratin I will make shortly when I can pop up to the shop to get the double cream (and the other veg). The rest is plain sailing!

The girls are very excited about seeing Grannie and Grande, I am hoping Clara will acquiesce to the request of a morning sleep (I doubt it but I can hope) and I am sure we will have a lovely afternoon. It is Grande's birthday on the 5th so they are bringing birthday cake for pudding, this will certainly put the girls in a good mood as they do love a good birthday cake!

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Yia Yia said...

have a lovely lunch, sounds gorgeous. Carter has swapped two small people following him for a puppy. Think he preferred the girls! Nancy, of course, is under the bed. xx to you all