Monday, 26 October 2009

A mouse in the house!

 I finished Clara's Samhain outfit last night. We managed to buy the dress in Next and it is just screaming to be transformed into a mouse outfit! I made the ears by cutting out the shapes from a baby's fleece and pink lined hat, sewing them into shape and inserting a piece of card. I then top stiched around them and sewed the card in place with a V shape. On her bottom she has a rather cute pink tail that I made with some pink satin scraps I had about, I sewed a long tapered tail, stuffed it and then attached it to the bottom area:

She looks SO cute! I have pink leggins for her to wear on the day and I am quite taken with this top for underneath!

The girls seem to be a fan of Method Acting and have been chasing each other around the house all morning to get into character. Although I did have to point out that it is usually the cat who plays with the ball of wool (bought to make pompoms) and not the mouse!

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l'optimiste said...

OMG!! adorable! Post me the whole thing immediately!