Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bloody Foxes...

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that they are, in fact, out to get us. Last year one bit Kit's arse resulting in a lovely trip to the OOH's vets and a nice big bill. Oh and about a month in the Cone Of Shame for Kit. Then one of the gits somehow got our lovely Topsy Bunny [sob sob], no idea how she got out of the hutch mind you, either a very clever fox, a very dim me or a very sneaky child... all are possible. But after searching and finding no trace of her we suspected a fox got her. This was confirmed a few days later when we found Topsy Colour fur in the garden.

She has been gone for about a month now and Turvey is one unhappy chap so time to get him a new girlfriend. This means a new hutch, a new hutch with a run, a new hutch with a run that is Fox Proof (we hope). Sigh. New hutch arrived today so I put that up injuring my thumb in the meantime and now I have insight into what an utter pain in the bum it must be being a monkey. New bunny is due to be picked up tomorrow and is, hopefully as I haven't seen her yet, a Doe Rex who is about 4 months old we think. Not a rescue this time alas as the man we got Turv from has moved too far away. So tomorrow I have to do the following in 3 hours.

Paint small area of wall that I was meant to do except the beloved didn't take the TV down.
Drive over to Kent, buy extortionate rabbit, drive home
Settle Rabbit in
Research bonding rabbits
Start Bonding rabbits
Ideally paint the second coat in the living room

So not much then eh?! Aside from the decorating it is ALL that ruddy foxes fault. Git.

(on the upside, found my meds so am slightly less bonkers than recently)

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