Thursday, 3 February 2011

It's official... I married a madman!

My wonderful husband is, voluntarily (!), running 26.2 miles around London on the 17th April... AKA The London Marathon. I think he is crackers as frankly I wouldn't run to the car unless it was raining, but then I suppose that makes him the better person doesn't it!

He is running in aide of The Neuro Foundation which is, I am sure you agree, a worthy cause and if you care to sponsor him and his team mates (Gary and Stephen) they will be very appreciative:

Training is going really well so far, Paul ran 15 miles last Saturday in 2hrs 20min (although he is keen to point out that it isn't at "Race Pace" [sigh]) and is on track for being able to run the whole thing come The Big Day. Naturally we are doing all we can to help and aide his training in a more all round way than running along roads so this weekend in addition to running 12 miles on Saturday he will also be working out his upper body by painting the living room ceiling. Aren't I kind to him, ensuring a well rounded body work out?!

His supporters will, of course, be there for him (Possibly with glittery Pom Poms if Clara gets her way) at the start and finish. And because of the wonderful app he is using on his phone we should be able to track him which is pretty dang cool!

Seriously though, I am very very proud of him. I know this has been one of his big ambitions since I met him (so 10yrs ago) but I remember him laughing at me when I suggested he made it a reality a few years ago as he didn't think he was up to it!


Anonymous said...

Aww, I think it's brilliant! I'd love to do something like that. However, I'm so unfit that it's embarrassing.

I hope he does really well and raises a whole heap for the charity x

l'optimiste said...

cool! tell him good luck from us and I hope he raises LOADS!

and what app is that??