Monday, 14 February 2011

Introducing Poppy Bunny...

I just realised I haven't introduced you to the latest in our household. I have mentioned her but not actually introduced her... how ROODE of me! So here she is:

She is about 4 months old and a Rex rabbit. She is incredibly soft and very sweet (she is currently sat next to me on the sofa, watching One Born Every Minute and occasionally giving me bunny kisses). She makes me laugh as she honks when she thumps... so funny! She has been introduced to Turvey and all was well until she moved towards his carrot (not a euphemism!) and then he attempted to start a fight but was swiftly separated by me and had his carrot taken off him t'boot. However I think things will be fine with them! Turvey has enjoyed his time on his own and is now much braver (he put up with being "loved" by 3 small girls this afternoon) and happier, I think he is going to like being Alpha Bunny for as long as Poppy lets him be! They will remain in separate hutches for a while yet though, I think Turv quite likes his Bachelor pad!

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