Thursday, 17 February 2011

Can she build it?


Hurrah, the new toy storage arrived today and building it gave me a much needed Rage outlet. I have had a bad BAD morning with both an epic Mummy Fail and a related Wife Fail.

Mummy Fail: Not only did I take Phoebe out of school yesterday to see my Pa and Stepma for the first time  since October. But today I forgot it was Mufti day so Phoebe went in her uniform, until she saw the rest of her class in mufti whereupon we both had a lightbulb moment and I felt awful and she sobbed her wee heart out. I would normally have whipped home and grabbed her mufti clothes and popped them back in but for 2 things. 1, we have been barraged with texts over the last few days about not being on school grounds when it is in session and 2, last time I dropped anything in for her, a cardigan as it wasn't dry enough when school started and they were all in the wash, not only did said cardigan not get to her but all the children came out with a charming bright pink letter telling us various things like they don't have time to pop things to classrooms so could we please remember everything. Which frankly was a bit too much of a co-incidence for me! So her teachers told her she, and the other children whose parents forgot, could raid the dress up box. I still felt awful for her though and totally to blame for forgetting. I left her in tears which is always a hideous way to leave, especially when it is such a rare occurrence for my girls!

Wife Fail: I felt so awful I couldn't stem the tears and rang Paul in floods about it. Poor git hadn't even got to work without me sobbing down the phone incoherently at him! Clara thought I missed Phoebe or Daddy or that I didn't love her anymore (dramatic much!).

So I came back, ranted a bit and set to building the new toy storage unit in the living room. Stopping only to first talk to Mum and then throw up. I suspect Rage come down. Then I built the new expedit shelving unit for Phoebe's room. Needs a bit of a reshuffle in there to make it perfect but it is a good start.

Have just picked Phoebe up from school now only to be told that she told someone to Piss Off on Tuesday (someone else picks her up Tuesday pms and we were away yesterday so they only just told me). Mortified doesn't cover how I feel and I will now be monitoring my language even more studiously! I suspect that will make Mummy Fail 2 today. Oh rapture.

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KT said...

Sounds like a day and a half! I hope things improved xx