Saturday, 20 February 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!

Today we had a girlie day. Phoebe and I set off at 9am to go and get our friends Natalie and Martha to go and have said girlie day. We had decided to go skating in Guildford and to get Phoebe and Martha on the ice for the first time. I had taken the portable DVD player with me so Martha was thrilled that they got to watch her choice of Sleeping Beauty all the way there. I have to say it was a very reasonable price to go skating, £8.60 inc skate hire for one adult and one under 5, bargain! Anyway we swapped boots over, the small one donned helmets (their choice and free rental) and wobbled over to the ice. Martha took to it better than Phoebe who only managed a quarter of the way around the rink before declaring she had enough and wanted to get off (a very nice young man who works there helped me get her back to the gate as she was in the "I am NOT going to help myself, no sirree" kind of mood). Whilst Martha managed 2 whole circuits with Natalie! For a first time for 2 four year olds who don't really know each other very well it wasn't a bad start at all! My feet hurt like no ones business, I suspect I chose the wrong sized boots with my odd feet. There are no pictures of the adventures because a, no cameras on the ice and b, there were signs all over the place about cameras. I could have got away with a P&S but of course I took the 5D lol!

We then decided that it was mandatory to have a hot chocolate after our icey adventure so we went up the stairs and procured one at the cafe. Then we headed further into Guildford to find Pizza Express for a fat lunch of lemonade, garlic bread, pizza and, most importantly, ICE CREAM!

love Pizza Express, it is so child friendly without making a big deal of it! The waiters talked to the girls as if they were people instead of ignoring them and talking to just the adults. And of course the food is yum too and pretty well priced! Inbetween courses we cracked out the entertainment devices of Natalie's DS lite and my iphone and the girls had fun playing the games on them whilst we chatted about random bits and bobs!

 It was a fabulous day, the girls had so much fun together and it was nice to see them interacting as 4 yr olds and equals. Most of their friends, particularly in Martha's case as she is at Big School already, are either older than them or much younger so it is nice they now have someone of their own age to play with. It was also nice for us Mummys too as it isn't often we get to go out with just one of them (Clara and Martha's brother Monty, were with relevant Daddies) and it was also nice to remember that having fun with your children is a vital part of their childhood. Difficult to remember that when you are in the quagmire of the day to day grind of it all!

We are already planning Girls Day Out Mark 2 :D

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