Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Misses Phoebe and Clara had a Mummy who was sick sick sick...

And Mummy called for Daddy to come home quick quick quick.
She took to her bed with her laptop and Phone
whilst Daddy did the childcare without a moan.

Uff, Noro'd again! Not fair! And why, oh why oh why is it Tuesdays I get sick?! This week I am pretty poorly though and physically can't leave the house (or the bed without going green). Thankfully Mybecky was an Angel and picked Phoebe up to take her to school whilst Paul was on his journey home. When he got home he took Clara swimming, he has done all the other childcare too. They are all 3 of them out again at swimming for Phoebe's lesson so the house is strangely quiet.

I have to be better for tomorrow as Paul has to go to an onsite job and no one else can do it. Hopefully the day in bed will see me right enough to do the half day tomorrow (both girls in school in the AM, phew!) although I think I will hold off any food consumption until tomorrow afternoon, just in case.

Stupid virus!

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