Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What a difference a day makes....

I am such a lucky girl!
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24 little hours!

Yesterday I felt so ill I could have curled up and died. I spent the day in bed because if I dared sit up for long I went a rather unattractive shade of green / grey. Worse if I dared eat something, I could sip ginger ale
s l o w ly and that was my limit!

Today I feel like a new woman :D. I went to bed last night with my stomach so bloated I looked at least 7 months pregnant, I think I gave birth to my little wind baby over night as normal flab has returned! Phew. I got to rest this morning as well as the girls went to school (where they had a LOT of fun). This afternoon we played shops and cooking, ok so the girls were cooking each other (in the toy box, which is a large drawer) and eventually bunk beds too (they seem to have a bunk bed obsession). Why all this play took place naked I will never know!

My day was further brightened by this lovely button broach from my friend Caroline at Chain of Daisies. I ordered one of her gorgeous Button Packs so I could make some pretty things for the girls. She emailed me to ask if it was ok to split the package (I ordered something else too but I'm not telling what). I could literally reply that it was no problem and I'd write more but I was sick. So she sent me this lovely broach as a get well giftie! Isn't she lovely?! I love love love it!

The big news of the day though is that Clara independently took herself to the potty AND produced! Admittedly it was after one puddle on the floor, after which I said if she had to wee to go to the potty. Erk, this means I have to think about potty training her in the not too distant doesn't it? I think I will put it off until the Easter hols as then I have a 3 week run at it with her. She was so proud of herself too, and absolutely livid that Paul took the potty away to flush her prized doings. I am not sure I am ready for 2 potty trained children, that is so grown up isn't it! Where have my tiny babies gone? No wonder I am broody at the moment (not happening...really really NOT happening).

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l'optimiste said...

isn't it lovely when people do things like that? It can be the teeniest thing they say or makes such a HUGE difference to your day.

so. I hope you're better!