Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Bruise.

After the Kamikaze Kid performed her latest stunt the other day I took a photo to show my Dad and Stepmum via facebook. It is a fairly impressive bruise poor love and is developing into a rather fetching couple of black eyes now.

The first pic:

The developing bruise:


Forgive the world weary look, it took a while to get this picture (she is a perpetual motion demon today). I have to say these pictures just don't do the bruise justice. It is a lovely blue colour and she has a distinct star trek alien look to her. This is a very bad one from the side:

Poor poppet had a disturbed night last night and we think her nose was hurting her a bit. She seems brighter today and we will give her nurofen before bed to pre-empt any wakyness.

On a brighter note we started the run up to potty training today. From now on when we are home she will be naked from the waist down (ha! Who am I kidding, she will be starkers!) in the afternoons and the potty will be freely available. Today it has been Potty: 1 Floor: 0 so far. The plan is to ditch day nappies during the Easter Holidays, I think she is ready but I want to work up to it slowly for her as it is a hell of a change and my children suit the slowly slowly catchy monkey style. I am secretly hoping that she refuses nappies off her own back before that though, she is a very determined child and once she gets an idea in her head that is it, you are just along for the ride!

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badsparklythings said...

Poor baby! That second picture made me laugh out loud though!