Wednesday, 17 February 2010

3 plain tee-shirts, 2 bored Mums....

Phew! I think this is the first time the house has been quiet today. We had Mybecky and her two lovely girls over to play, and play they really did! We did pop out in the afternoon to go to town, Mybecky knows I don't go out otherwise. Phoebe has had a growth spurt and has chilly ankles and wrists as a result. However £60 in H&M has seen her the proud new owner of 7 new tops, 4 pairs of trousers and 3 dresses... quite a haul! 3 of the new tops we bought we plain, and frankly boring. So we set too jazzing them up on our return whilst the 4 girls were trashing the house under the guise of playing "families".

We had 3 tops, one grey marl, one bright salmon pink and one baby pink. Now it just so happens that Mybecky has recently purchased a hot iron for attaching gems and sparkles to fabric sooo with the pale pink top we did a firework  burst on the front:

We decided Buttons were the way to go for the Grey Marl, good job my fab order from Chain of Daisies arrived! :


As for the Salmon Pink one, we decided applique was the way to go. Originally I was going to do a Miffy-esque  bunny on it in a pretty dress. But a, the brush cotton wasn't thick enough to not show the pink through b, I didn't have enough felt and c, you can buy Miffy tops. So instead I took the dress pattern I had and decided on a washing line, the pants and single sock was Mybecky's idea and I think it is very cute!

I still have to do the sewing bit of that one but I am zonked for the day so it can wait until later! However the other two tee shirts are complete and look fabulous! Here is a close up of the sparkles:


And here is the simple pattern we went for with the buttons, they are actually reducing in size although it doesn't look like it because of my angle:


Yes I know it isn't a straight line but it adds to the charm ... okay!
So for the princely sum of £5 Phoebe now owns 3 fabulous and unique tops! Wooo!

Ps. For those not in the know, Mybecky is called that as that is what Phoebe calls her and has done since she started preschool! He mother wasn't that mean lol!


l'optimiste said...

how cool! I am posting you all my t-shirts later...;o)

Laurie said...

They're fab! Especially loving the buttons on the grey (in fact, I may pop out later to buy a t shirt for myself and try this out - thanks!)

Claire said...

Oh fab, what a great idea. Charlie still has a bazillion hand-me-downs, but I will file this idea away for future use...