Friday, 5 February 2010

Okay I couldn't resist this one.

Revenge is theirs, as I type this out I can see my Granny and my Mum cackling wildly in my head.

When I was a wee child, younger than Phoebe is now I was staying with Grannie in her house whilst Mum and Dad were (I think) house hunting. I was in the bath and had the pumice stone and was determinedly rubbing it on my arm. Granny told me to stop it repeatedly until I finally stood up, hands on hips and declared;

Granny! You've just RUINED my day!

Well the fates saw fit to use my mould over again when I got pregnant and Phoebe is a true progeny of me. Paul jokes that he was only the catalyst for me to split like an amoeba. Anyway having shouted at Phoebe to give me the remote control for the nth time I went and took it. Whereupon she wheeled round, hands on hips and screeched with all her little might;

Mummy! You have spoilt my day now, I am goin' somewhere else!

And with that flounced out of the room.

I am so beyond screwed when she hits her teen years if mine are anything to go by... sob.


mybecky said...

i wish i could offer some word of comfort but well you have meet abbie and she's only 10 !!! hugs and just think what a great story this will be to tell her mini me !!!

Michael said...

Jane and I were both unspeakable to our parents when we were teenagers - can you imagine what Rowan's going to be like?

Come to think of it, probably much the same as now, only she'll be bigger and stroppier.