Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines

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Today has been a funny day. My Father arrived from Greece late last night and we sent the girls down to see him this morning and they had a fabulous time playing for a couple of hours whilst Paul and I caught up on some sleep. I got a bunch of lovely red roses and a lovely card, but I wasn't able to get a card for Paul (as generally it requires leaving the house) so I bought him Mario on the Wii in a red box. Then Daddy took us out for Lunch at Wagamamas where we all had fabulous food and the girls were on good form. Clara fell asleep on the way home and Phoebe scooted beautifully around town (well mostly, the rules are not on the roads, stop to let people by you and not in the shops she is pretty good at the first and last but the middle rule needs a little work). Dad also treated the girls to a Peppa Pig box set which has been much watched already and they are very grateful! New found love of Peppa since yesterday's theatre show. When the girls went to bed Paul and I had our supper of left overs (still being stuffed from lunch) and played a little Mario before settling to watch Dancing on Ice. It has been a lovely day.

Except something has been weighing on my heart. An Internet Weirdie Friend's baby died today, just after midnight she had a cardiac arrest and passed away. Her name is Anastacia Callisto meaning Resurrection Most Beautiful. She was only a few days old, perfect and beautiful in all ways but one, she suffered from a severe diaphragmatic hernia and she had a lot of her lower organs in her chest cavity. It is an exceedingly rare condition. Her mother, Cathi, has shown so much strength, bravery and courage throughout her pregnancy and her post was the one I hoped I would never, ever see. My heart just breaks for her to have to let her baby, her beautiful daughter, go so soon is unbelievably cruel. I am not alone in my feelings, so many of our fellow forum users feel the same as me tonight. I hope our unified feelings and wishes for her is helping her and her family in some small way in their loss and grief tonight and for as long as she needs them. All my love is with them at this time, please if you can find the time spare a thought or prayer for them, there but for the Grace go we all. No one should have to survive their children in this fashion.


Scattynobrain said...

I'm glad you had a lovely day - like you Anastacia Callisto and her family were on my heart and mind yesterday. xx

Annie said...

Such sad news. It is something I cannot even contemplate. xxx's and hugs.

l'optimiste said...

That's so sad.

My heart goes out to her and her family. Some things shouldn't have to be borne. Wishing them great strength now.

Laurie said...

Sounds like a lovely day, roses and Peppa - what a fab Valentine's! ;)

I couldn't stop thinking about Cathi either. Like you, I so so hoped that we wouldn't have to read that post from her x