Tuesday, 23 February 2010

And the Kamikaze Kid strikes again...

Clara appears to have a magnet attraction to the ground, some may refer to this as "gravity" I prefer to consider it "an accident waiting to happen".

At 8am, I was just getting out of bed, shouting goodbye and love yous to Paul as he got ready to leave when suddenly we heard that thump thump thump thump THUMP sound. I leapt out of bed and ran to the top of the stairs to see Paul kneeling on the floor holding a screaming Clara where she had somersaulted down the stairs in spectacular fashion. He caught her just before she hit the front door. He was so busy checking her teeth and mouth for injury that at first he didn't notice the bridge of her nose which was going a rather nice blue colour and was swollen. Poor poppet! Thankfully it isn't broken (at least we don't think so, she doesn't mind it being touched) just very very bruised and a bit swollen and she has a carpet burn on her forhead. She has had some kiddy arnica and some nurofen for the pain and has been running around as normal so I think we can hold off on A&E (although I did ring Dad to confirm that there wasn't much point as she wasn't showing any signs of concussion). She even went swimming but I kept her off the activities which could result in water wooshing up her nose as I thought that might be too sore for her. I am anticipating two cracking shiners from her in the next couple of days!

We are off to see our friends Mahri-Claire and Greg tomorrow and I have been told that Kamikaze Kid #2 has a matching bruise after an altercation with a coffee table. I wonder if I could whizz up a couple of bubble wrap body suits for them... or maybe we should just buy them one of these each!

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badsparklythings said...

Oh dear, hope she's feeling better soon!