Monday, 3 January 2011

Roll on the start of Ballet lessons.

Clara got a Jolina Ballerina Doll for Christmas from Papous and YiaYia. She loves it, it is pink and sparkly and it is also ballet related so a guaranteed hit for Clara! Anyway it came with a CD that I had hidden away as I knew what would happen when she found it. She did today and I was right, she vanished and when she came back she was wearing a tutu and brandishing her ballet shoes at me with requests to "listen to moosic". We are now on round 2 of the CD and she has danced solid for the last half an hour:

We are now watching her Angelina Ballerina DVD too. Bless her she is totally addicted and is already talking about doing tap dancing (like her friend Millie) when she is big enough bless her!


Carole said...

Oh excellent - where do I pick them up from again? So pleased for you. Think this one of Clara is a great one. Happy 2011. XX Cally

KT said...

Gorgeous photo of Clara :)

Kat xx